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Hello I'm Marcus and I welcome you to the official Marcus Unlimited Web Site.  

  You have perhaps arrived at our web site for any one of a number of very good reasons. Perhaps you are already one of my many wonderful unlimited quality singing voice students and you want to check in and see what's new! Or maybe you are one of the growing thousands of awesome worldwide fans of my works as an independent, singing composer. Albums like Chromaticus, Harmonious Haiku, The PEP Positive Energy Power-Up and YMU, all of which are available internationally at Apple iTunes and CdBaby.com.

  Then again, you could be here seeking excellent, high-quality vocal instruction in the Modesto and Stanislaus County area. Perhaps you are you wise enough to know how important it is to learn singing from an actual working singer whose live and recorded works resume spans all the major talent based singing genres. From my early beginnings in Modern Pop, and R&B on through to Jazz, Classical and Modern Musical Theater, Opera and more?

(NOTE: To prove the working validity of the voice and music methods taught here through Marcus Unlimited; I, your teacher, have successfully composed, performed and produced several successful independent albums, and have had major and minor roles as a singing actor in numerous live musicals and operas such as Strauss's “Die Fledermaus”, Rodgers and Hammersteins “Carousel”, Verdi's “Rigoletto”, Schonberg's “Miss Saigon” and many, many more!)

 Are you the type who knows how very wise a choice it is to take singing lessons from someone like myself who has had world class training from senior opera maestro Eric "Buck" Townsend, who trained with another senior voice master Robert Weede, who learned from generation after generation of vocal masters... ad infinitum? You could also be the intelligent type of student who wants to learn from a line of great teachers of singing who were also highly skilled working singers --meaning they put their method to the test by performing year after year with their ever present and highest quality singing voices. Thus eliminating any doubts you would ever have about the techniques you learn here. I hope you do not want hypothetical ideas? For isn't it so much wiser to acquire the real, time tested and proven foundational techniques taught here through Marcus Unlimited? Whether you are starting at the beginning of your vocal journey or you are already on your way and would like to make some dramatic and positive improvements to your singing then let Marcus Unlimited be your choice for a great high-quality voice!

  Maybe you are looking for an amazing, revolutionary and fun way of learning to play the piano keyboard. That mixes scientific, number based methods with timeless, centuries proven music theory techniques.

  There may also be the visitor who is interested in auditioning for one of my own new form live operas, operetta or musicals and their incorporated semi-animated movie musical versions.

  If for any one of these reasons or perhaps any other positive reason left unmentioned, I sincerely thank you for visiting and hope you do so again so. There will always be updates and a constant state of improvements here at Marcus Unlimited .org, all for your benefit.

 Marcus Unlimited is...
creating great voices and music,
and great music for voices!

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Thank you,
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